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Yoga is an ancient practice that still creates flexible, strong, balanced bodies and minds around the globe. No Hype. If you dedicate yourself to this practice, you will transform your life.

As a fitness junkie, I have tried every exercise under the sun. None compare to yoga. Yoga is for every body, every gender, and every age. The most challenging physical class can intelligently be modified to meet each student exactly where they are. So each class is an opening to a better body and greater vitality; leaving you feeling vibrant, connected with your heart and mind, calm, and ready to make a difference in your life and the lives of those you love.

I can’t explain why, but it works. There is endless research demonstrating the unique benefits of yoga, but all we need to know is that it works. Lower blood pressure, lower cortisol levels, detoxified bodies, less anxiety, less depression, and strength you have never experienced before. It all awaits you.

Your first step? Show up at class with you mat, your acceptance of your body as it is, and a willingness to play with your edge. Not just your physical edge but also your emotional and mental edges. Growth is yours if you choose to embrace it.

Pure Yoga Class Descriptions:
Gentle Yoga: These delicious classes focus deep stretching, balance, and a little bit of core. They are designed to release stress and tension from your body & mind. Perfect for all levels, but particularly suited to beginners or anyone wanting to pause during the day to unwind while taking care of their body. *Room is 72 Degrees*

Vinyasa Yoga: Set to music, this class will get your heart pumping while creating mental calm. It’s a powerful moving meditation that will teach you to use your breath to release stress while you get one of your best workouts of the week (I promise!) You will take your strength, balance, and flexibility to their edge while also getting a healthy dose of cardio.

Power Yoga: These power classes are similar to our vinyasa classes with more emphasis on strength building & core work and a serious dose of cardio. This is a rigorous class but modifiable for all levels. You will sweat & smile!

Slow Flow Yoga: A slower paced class that will leave you deeply relaxed. This class builds heat in the beginning but quickly moves into longer holds & deep stretches. Using your breath, you will unwind both your body & mind and leave feeling calm and strong!

Vin/Yin Yoga: Vin/Yin is a combination of a slow flow class with ample core work followed by a yin series that will relax you and allow your muscles to work deeper stretches while you focus on your breath. Yin yoga is incredibly therapeutic as a stress antidote.