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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m not flexible! Can I still do yoga?

YES! In fact, we believe this is one of the primary reasons you should do yoga. Even the most challenging poses can be modified to meet your body where it is. As you continue your practice, your flexibility will improve, and you will find an increased ability to move safely and gracefully both on and off your mat.

Yoga also helps us flex our minds. Every time we come to our mats, we challenge ourselves mentally. Yoga helps us open our minds to the present, stretch what we believe we can and can’t do, and strengthen the mind/body/breath connection.

Q: What if I’m injured? Should I wait until I’m healed?

We recommend talking to your wellness advisor and/or healthcare team about what you are experiencing in your body. You should also listen to your intuition, as you know your body best. If you are practicing with a limitation, remember that each pose can be modified to meet you where you are. Always share your concerns with your instructor so we can work together to create the right practice for you, accommodating injury, soreness, illness, areas that need to build strength, or limited range of motion as necessary.

Q: What should I bring? What do I wear?

Come to class with a mat and an open mind. If you don’t have a mat, you can use one of the studio’s at no charge to get started. The room is warm, so we also encourage you to bring a water bottle and towel. If you practice with props, such as a block or strap, you can bring your own or use those available at the studio (no charge).

Wear comfortable clothing like yoga pants or shorts and a fitted, moisture-wicking top. If your shirt is lose, simply tuck it in. We practice without shoes or socks to promote grounding and proper positioning.

Q: Why is the room so hot?

Our room is 74-78 or 82-86 degrees based on the class. A warm room helps deepen the breath, burn calories, condition your heart and detoxify your body. After a few classes, you’ll get used to it, and after a few more, you’ll love it! It’s especially inviting during northwest Ohio’s cold winters.

Q: How often should I practice yoga?

If you practice yoga once a week, you’ll love it and get a great workout. If you practice twice per week, you’ll transform your body. If you practice three or more times per week, you’ll transform your life! We have found that balancing power classes with gentle classes creates amazing harmony.

Q: Are classes for men, seniors and children too?

Pure Yoga is a co-ed, inclusive studio and welcomes all, including seniors, kids (age 7 and older) and families. The studio offers various events throughout the year such as family fun yoga and classes specifically for beginners.

Q: Is yoga a religion? Can I still practice yoga if I’m affiliated with or not affiliated with a specific religious group?

No, yoga is not a religion. Yes, everyone is welcome an encouraged to practice with us, regardless of their religious affiliation or lack thereof. Yoga is a lifestyle practice that builds physical conditioning and decreases stress. Our goal is to help you live your most healthy life in the present moment; enhancing whatever is nearest to your heart–family, faith, joy, work, gratitude, etc. Yoga does not conflict with the beliefs of any faith, and for most people, allows them to experience their spirituality more deeply.

Q: I’ve never practiced yoga. Where do I start?

We highly recommend our beginner’s series or an introductory workshop. See our special events section for the next offering. We also offer the perfect package to get you started. Our kick start package includes 30 days of unlimited yoga plus a private yoga tutorial with a trained instructor.

Many students dive right in, learning as they go. Gentle, therapeutic and hatha classes are great starting points. If you’re in good shape and/or have done a bit of yoga, you could also start with a slow flow or vinyasa class.

Q: How do I sign-up for classes, see my schedule, get an update on my current package or make a purchase?

You can manage all of this right from our site, by logging into your account. We highly encourage pre-registration. For ease and convenience, download the free MindBody Connect app to your phone and sync it with Pure Yoga. It’s very slick!

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