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Meet Jack

Jack attended his first yoga class in 2015 and it was not love at first forward fold. He didn’t attend his second class until over a year later, when he joined Pure Yoga through his employer’s wellness program. After trying multiple classes, he found his fit and eventually worked his way up to practicing several times each week (sometimes multiple times the same day).
While helping to care for his elderly mother, Jack saw the toll a sedentary lifestyle can have on our bodies. The desire to help people of all ages to get moving and the encouragement of friends led Jack to complete his RYT-200.
As a certified instructor, Jack enjoys sharing his knowledge and works to foster an environment of safety and playfulness in each of his classes. He is a firm believer in the adage “use it or lose it,” and sees yoga as a powerful tool to help incorporate movement that has a positive impact on our activities of daily living.
When he isn’t teaching yoga or working his full-time job, you can find Jack spending time with his kids, Hannah and Preston. He is a follower of Christ Jesus and volunteers at his church and with several other local ministries.

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