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Meet Kristin

Kristin first came to yoga in April of 2016, attending a karma class after hearing about the great experience her mother-in-law and cousin had at the studio. She was active and enjoyed working out in front of her TV, but soon realized that having a tribe to support her in her journey was priceless. It didn’t take her long to learn that Pure Yoga’s instructors were a huge inspiration, both on and off her mat. That inspiration led to teacher training and an RYT 200 certification.
After signing up for the beginners class, Kristin soon found herself on her mat daily and sometimes even twice a day! Her practice has continued to transform her life, both on and off her mat. The mental and emotional benefits have become just as important as the physical ones, helping her to become a better wife to her hard-working husband and a better mother to her three boys.
Through yoga, Kristin has become more calm and relaxed, realizing that perfection doesn’t have to consumer her life. Her practice has taught her that although some situations are beyond her control, her reaction is within her control.
When she is not at the studio, Kristin can be found with her family. Kristin looks forward to seeing you on your mat at Pure Yoga.